I’m Yolanda. I’m here to support and provide a platform of positive ideas, inspiration and information that is meticulously curated for women leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.

I’m a former Mayor, consultant and content creator with a strong belief in uplifting and helping women build.

After being elected as the first African American and female Mayor of a mid-size Texas city, I quickly realized the need to create a platform to support women.

Yolanda Ford + nrtcHER.

I am on a mission to remove barriers of entry and help women become successful. Mirroring my advocacy for my community, I now want to leverage my influence to support women through creating inspirational content and raising funding for women’s projects.

Yolanda Ford

Founder & CEO

 Yolanda Ford is the founder of nrtcHER and a inspirational content creator for women.

Founder & CEO

A woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be.

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