FAQ's for yolanda

Questions for Yolanda

If you have questions, please send them to yolanda@yolandaford.com. Volunteers manage my social media and it is very difficult for me to personally respond to the numerous request.

Homestead Exemptions (portion of the home’s assessed value that is exempt from property taxes)

Missouri City’s leadership has made some financial and development decisions (weak commercial base, sales tax provided to metro and no revenue from utilities) that currently will not afford residents a homestead exemption. I am absolutely ready to look at solutions (controlling city utilities, developing a stronger commercial base and discussing Metro with legislators) on how we can correct these past decisions which will then lift budget restraints and allow for the City to provide homestead exemptions to residents.  

Term Limits 

I believe the residents should decide if we should have term limits. This could be done by having it placed on the ballot for a vote.

Request for Yard Signs

You can order yard signs from my website. They are free.  

Election Information

I received the most votes in the November 6 election. However, per city charter you must receive 50% + 1 vote to win. With that said, the two candidates with the most votes are now required to have a runoff election.

Election Day: December 8, 2018 and Early Voting: Nov 26 – December 4, 2018

Perform my duties as mayor (attending meetings, workshops, etc.)

I will be able to attend meetings, workshops and other events as the Mayor. My career will not be an obstacle. 

Development along Texas Parkway and Cartwright

Cities can provide incentives to assist and encourage development within its municipality. I plan to look at every incentive option available and meet with the owners of all the properties along these corridors to discuss a strategy and execution for redevelopment. Currently, I have already met with the property owner of the shopping center on Cartwright and the owner is ready to work with the City to redevelop the property. 

Quail Valley Golf Course

The City purchased the course with bond funds and has invested more than 38 million into the development of the course so selling the course is not an option. Making sure it is managed correctly and efficiently is paramount on my agenda.  

MUD's  (Municipal Utility Districts)  

The City of Missouri City has more than 30+ MUDs within its jurisdiction. Currently, the City does not control any of its utilities or collect any utility fees. It will be imperative that the City start to control its utilities in the near future to reduce the property tax burdens on residents. Assuming control of the MUD’s operations will not be an overnight process. The City must be able to service residents, potential debt and the current infrastructure. Currently, the City is in the process of reviewing each MUD’s debt and infrastructure to determine the feasibility of acquisition of its operations. I believe that this is necessary and I am supportive of the City controlling its utilities once it is economically feasible. 

Animal Shelter  

The animal shelter and various other areas will receive my focus if I am elected to be the next Mayor of Missouri City. I will meticulously look at the overall operations to make sure that recent changes are adequate and maintainable. I will also provide staff support in this area and any other areas where services are being compromised. I do not see the need to close the shelter and I believe City staff can operate it effectively if they receive sufficient support from leadership.