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Jennifer Polk

Jennifer Polk is the founder and CEO of Gather Digital, a digital marketing agency. She’s also the author of Digital Marketing for Dummies.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a digital marketer known for his expertise in SEO & content marketing. He is also among the best top 10 SEO experts.

Pat Flynn

 Pat is a successful digital marketer. He offers practical advice on maximizing your digital marketing efforts and growing your business

My Story

I’m Yolanda. I am a former Mayor and I have been designing content, building websites, running advertisements & analyzing data for campaigns for more than 13 years.

Former Elected Official

3 Term City Council Member & First African American & Female Mayor for a Midsize City in Texas


Development, Planning

Digital Entrepreneur

Content Creation, Websites, Advertisements, Data Analysis, SEO

Hi, I am Yolanda Ford. I have been designing content, building websites, running advertisements & analyzing data for campaigns for more than 13 years. After 13 years as an elected official and 15 years as a planning and development consultant, I decided to turn a part-time skill into a full-time online business as a digital entrepreneur.

Undoubtedly, this has been the best decision that I have ever made. It gives me time and freedom to travel, spend time with family and friends while helping others create a digital presence and build financial growth online.

I am very passionate about helping women, but my content applies to anyone who wants to learn digital marketing and who wants keep up with the latest digital information, tools and software.

Since I am no longer serving in a political capacity, I am using my personal brand, social media presence and expertise to teach digital entrepreneurship across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. My goal is to help people connect, engage and monetize their online platforms so that they can build their dream life!

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