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A New Vision.  A New Direction. 

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" ~Einstein

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Dear Fellow Citizens,

If you are reading this, you may be aware that our City elections are November 6, 2018. However, I struggle as I write this letter because I am not sure our community is aware or cares about the many challenges that our City’s leadership hides behind the walls of City Hall. As a former employee and now a three term council member, I have watched our leadership pretend that serious issues, such as hostile employees, discrimination and bullying, doesn’t exist within the City. I have watched citizens being dismissed and marginalized because they did not agree with the status quo and I have watched parts of this City intentionally neglected and disregarded to advance personal agendas. 

I am not naïve to think this is isolated to Missouri City. Clearly, five minutes of news or a peak at social media will provide you with one of the many issues that I have mentioned in a different city. What I find so disheartening is that we have the ability to change this by electing new leadership who will address and correct issues in our cities, but unfortunately we rarely understand or cast a vote so our concerns are never heard or resolved. 

Many have asked why I am running for Mayor or (the politically correct question) what is your platform. Well, here is my politically correct answer: I am running for Mayor because it is very important that we increase city revenue by changing some poor historical decisions and management philosophies so that we stop saddling our citizens with taxes, that we create better development/redevelopment strategies beyond concentrating industrial into one community and that we establish economic opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they are able to thrive and see Missouri City as an amazing place to grow and provide opportunity. 

Well, if you know me, I am not very politically correct. Don’t misunderstand me, I am very sincere about my platform and with 20 years of leadership and development experience, I could talk to anyone for hours about The New MC Vision I propose which encompasses rebranding Missouri City into a destination, but the compassion I have for people and the need to unify this community socially and economically is paramount. Being a leader, requires you to make very difficult decisions that are selfless and unpopular at times. It is not an opportunity to make backroom deals to the detriment of our community, bury your head and pretend issues aren’t your problem because it affects people who are voiceless. I sincerely understand self-sacrifice and the true meaning of public service so this is why I am asking for your vote to be the next Mayor of Missouri City, TX.

A New Vision. A New Direction.

Onward MC!

Mayor Pro Tem Yolanda Ford


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